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About The Practitioner

Afia Khalia T. Kodua 
Massage Therapist/Healer
Founder of Goddess Touch Therapy
Specialize in Energy Work/BodyTalk Therapy

Healers are born not made! and Afia Khalia T. Kodua  is a Natural Healer. Experienced in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Cranio Sacral, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Energy Work, Spiritual readings, Body Talk Therapy, Trigger Point, Sports massage, Reiki, Polarity, and Acu detox. As a graduating student and continuing education of the Institute of Psyco-Structural Balancing of Culver City, Ca. She is always looking to learn more. Her foundation is centered around Tai chi, universal law and spirituality. As a mother, she natures and consoles her clients thru their healing process. Afia's poetic back round helps to communicate across all lines making it easier for her clients to not just understand but visually see the connection between their life style and what's going on with their bodies. She not only focuses on the physical concerns of her clients, she also encourages them to dig deep into their subconscious body mind. Connecting them to parts of themselves that had long been forgotten. Her patience in healing has proven time and time again that she has found her purpose. As a traditional Priestess of Mayombe and studier of Afrikan spiritual science. Afia is well into herbs and the healing properties of them. Using them to assist in all matters of ones life. As you can see,its not only her hands that heal but her words, oils, scrubs, and spiritual baths. Afia Khalia T. Kodua is healing the world one session at a time!       

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